5 Advantages of Learning the English Language

The world has become a global village. Plugging into the online world and there is a network formed from a diverse number of nationalities on different platforms. The one unifying language is not love or music, but English. It helps people from different corners of the world to understand each other and interact freely. These are five key advantages of learning the English language. Click here to learn more about English in Vietnam’s Foreign Language Policy.

Career advancement

ggghghhghghghgAs the internet has connected different parts of the world together, it has allowed people millions of miles apart to do business transactions together on a daily basis. With business outsourcing, many professionals are finding themselves working for different clients from different parts of the world. English has become a prerequisite to landing jobs and even advancing in the ones you have.

A gateway to information

English is used as a communication tool in innumerable areas of life. A majority of electronic communication including emails, 55% of website and news agencies are all in English. In order to stay current and be able to communicate effectively in the global village, it is important to know how to communicate in English. Online forums and chat rooms, most scientific journals and newspapers are packaged in English as the mode of communication. It gives you great power when you can communicate in English as you can be able to communicate with the 1.5 billion people in the world who use it as their native language.

For learning purposes

With English being used in so many areas of life, it makes sense for it to be used in many classrooms. You find that many international courses are offered in English. All schools in the US, Australia, and the UK also require for you to be proficient in English to be admitted. In fact, it is a requirement that you go through some testing process before you are admitted. This is one of the core advantages of learning the English language.

For entertainment

A ton of information is packaged in the English language by English speaking artists. William Shakespeare is one such poet whose works have had worldwide repute. A Tale of Two Cities and Pride and Prejudice are just two of the millions of classic English literature that wait to be discovered by one who understands English. Apart from literature, countless movies and music are done in English as well. As the world interacts as one body, it always feels good when able to relate to the current entertainment everyone is enjoying. There is always a genuine connection that occurs with reading or listening and understanding firsthand information as opposed to translated media.

For social interaction

hggghghgghgSocial interaction is another noteworthy of the advantages of learning the English language. It cannot be underscored as it is what connects different people from different locations and lifestyles. When you can speak in a common language, you can make friends with people from various parts of the world without any hindrance. English is the most spoken international language with over 67 countries using it as their national language, which makes sense why you should know it. It enables ease of travel as you can easily communicate as you move around the world.