Balance the Wheel of your Child’s Future


A well-balanced life often lines up in association with good health; happy family life and the ability to blend in the society in ways that make you feel part of it. Balanced individuals also enjoy lots of business and professional success. Their civic, cultural and spiritual aspects are also usually in tandem with their day-to-day life as well as their achievements. Every parent has the desire to see his or her child evolve to capsulate all these. None of which is possible without instilling the art of self-awareness in them at an early age to guide them through life’s learning curve.

The self-concept

22lkgjpiroEducation is a commonplace necessity in the 21st century. The right set of academic qualifications is as significant as a mix of good luck and fortunes. Unfortunately, these are not the only tools that your child needs to emerge at the top of the next generation’s social or intellectual cream. He or she also needs the “element of self-concept.” Children who discover and stick to a particular purpose-of-being at an early tend to know what they want early enough to make their dreams come true with a spectacular wave of success.

The Winchmore Hill Preschool understands that the learning process should encourage a child to master the self-concept to serve as a source of boundless self-confidence, self-awareness, personality traits and dispositions that cultivate competence. The preschool’s curriculum is designed to show your child how his or her actions affects the world around him or her. The school’s team have years of experience in handling children from all walks of life.

Information Retention

The world is awash with information. The more one knows, the better and this includes your child. He or she, however, needs to develop the right listening skills and improve the brainpower for mass information retention. Studies show that children do this by first, recalling information about themselves, a matter that they can only attain by knowing and loving themselves. Children above three years of age use self-awareness to associate the objects around them with specific facets of their lives – giving them immense brain power that they can carry on into adulthood.

33kjhourMake your child part of the Winchmore Hill Preschool and put him or her on a knowledge playfield that’s overseen by competent teachers and a ring of a professional non-teaching staff. The school’s design is curved off a conducive learning environment. Child safety is a premium concern since they are encouraged to take on an open-learning approach to gain knowledge. The learning process is subsequently given precedence, meaning that your child will be subjected to a learning technique that instills decision-making skills.

Other than having a caring education and life-coach partner for your child, you also get to mold your child’s spiritual aspirations. The child will clutch the right business acumen, and embrace the work-culture that prepares him or her for the competitive future job marketplace. Take advantage of the elaborate fee payment structure and set your child on the path to future greatness in addition to helping him or her to balance the wheel of life with utmost competence.